Prospect Camp: Day 2

Day 2 of Prospect Camp is finished and other than the teams switching rinks, the way things were organized stayed the same.

*Update* I won’t be able to attend Friday’s session, so there will be no Day 3 blog, sorry.

Team Blue (Aux. Rink):









Team White (Main Rink):




Zarb0, Sutch, McCarron

Brennan-Matt Mackenzie

Drew Mackenzie-Pysyk




Unfortunately, I was only able to catch a small bit of Team Blue on the Aux. rink, but I caught a lot of action on the Main rink. …and here. We. Go.

-For the little time that I could observe Team Blue on the Aux. rink. I tried focusing on Schiestel and maybe it was just me, but unlike yesterday, he looked a little on the tenative side and he also looked to have been favoring his right side a bit while he was skating, which is a little concerning.

-Ennis was smoking fools left and right again…and paid for it with many push-ups, haha.

-Gregg Sutch was putting on a bit of a show for a bit scoring three straight goals,

-Eno looked very good again. He’s come a long way from the last two Prospect Camps that I’ve seen him in.

-Over on the Main rink, Pysyk  kind of had an off-day. He was working over people in the dump and chase drills, but after that, his head didn’t seem into the session as much. He wasn’t really reading the plays that well on a consistent basis in the various 2-on-1 and 2-on-2 drills.

-Wasn’t a fan of Foligno’s compete level. He showed glimpses of his talent when he was interested, but he seemed to be loafing around a lot. Not a good example to be setting. He had a couple of nice goals though during some zone-entry drills though, so that was good to see.

-Ditto for Drew MacKenzie. The best example of this was when the players were doing breakaway drills and MacKenzie put the puck on his backhand and just slowed down and pushed the puck into Knapp’s pads.

-Sundher’s great speed and shot release were on display again. During the compressed 3-on-2’s below the top of the face-off circles, Sundher looked great along the boards.

-As fast as Sundher is, Cattenacci’s slightly quicker and the offensive talent was on display a little more today. More specifically, his shot was on display. Nice, quick release picking the corners in the entry drills.

-Matt MacKenzie reminded me a lot of the good Chris Butler during the drills. I didn’t really see him excel in one particular thing, but he was quietly very solid. Like Butler did at times, he displayed some physicality by decking an attacking forward by the net.

-Brennan was hit-or-miss today.  He got outworked pretty badly in some drills while in others, he was reading the plays very well and shutting down the opposition. Like Foligno, it looked like a compete level problem. Again, not a good example to be setting.

-Lepkowski & Fienhage both play similar styles. Both like to play a more physical, stay-at-home game and both of them looked good doing it. Lepkowski also showed some wheels during the 1-on-1 dump and chases while legging the puck out of the zone away from his attacker.

-Zarbo, the Grand Island native and Szydiowski both displayed some good hands today. The latter was one of the few who actually scored in the breakaway drills. It was a futile display by Team White to say the least.

-Overall, today’s session was a lot more physical than the last one. It didn’t get too crazy, but there was plenty of bumping and rubbing people out along the boards, which was good to see.

Best Forward (White)– Sundher, HM: Cattenacci

Best Defenseman (White)– Matt MacKenzie, HM: Lepkowski

Day 3 of Prospect Camp is tenatively scheduled from 9:45-12:45.

On an off-topic note, I heard Mike Weber call the Sabres “The best team in the East on paper.” Very glad to hear that he’s so confident.

2 Responses to Prospect Camp: Day 2

  1. Tom L says:

    Catenacci sounds like a real steal in the 3rd round. Sounds like Antoine Vermette with a little more offensive upside and jam. Sounds more and more like a kid I’m going to love to watch play.

    Thanks for the update


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