Game 6: Perfection

I’m not sure how much I need to write tonight. The game the Sabres played against the Panthers was pure domination from start to finish. Every forward line and defensive pairing was fantastic and Ryan Miller pitched a shutout in a 3-0 win.

-Leino, Boyes, and Gragnani in particular all rebounded from really off games tonight which was great to see. It was really good to see Leino have a really good game after some fans were ready to label him a bust after five games. He looked very good with Boyes and McCormick. The feed he made to Pominville for the 2nd goal was superb as well.

-Speaking of Pominville, he quietly put up three points tonight, moving him into 2nd on the team in scoring with nine points behind…

-…Thomas Vanek.  He snagged his 5th and 6th goals tonight summed up Vanek’s goal-scoring prowess nicely. The first goal was a trade-mark Vanek tip-in and the second one was just an absolute bomb of a shot that he wired into the net. I love the way Vanek makes those shots look absolutely effortless. At this point, I think you could have me center that Vanek-Pominville duo and they’d still produce.

-Myers was superb from start to finish, shutting down guys in his own end and dominating in the offensive zone. That is the kind of game you want from a guy that is supposed to be your franchise defenseman.

-Gaustad had another good game, but his best moment today was definitely busting Matt Bradley’s face.

-Gerbe was everywhere yet again. He had no points, but he helped generate plenty of chances and five hits is a nice consolation prize.

-Sekera had another quietly solid game. He’s responded well to being the defensive-rock on his pairing with Gragnani. I think you’ll see him have very good nights offensively whenever he has the chance to play with more defensively-responsible partners.

Overall, you’ve got to be impressed with this team’s start. They still have room to improve and they are 5-1 to start the year and 4-0-0 on the road. Their next game is at Tampa Bay at 7:00. If the Sabres play even remotely close to the level they played at tonight, they will destroy this Lightning team that has stumbled out of the gate.

Game Scoresheet

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