The Force Hasn’t Been Strong With This One

Over the past 13 games, Luke Adam hasn’t scored a goal or even registered an assist and only has one goal in his last 18 games. The fact that he’s still 5th on the team in scoring, despite this drought should give outsiders a big hint as to why Buffalo has struggled. Anyways, during that stretch of time, Adam has averaged about 10-12 minutes of ice time, which is a pretty significant drop-off when you look at his ice time from early in the year (13-16 minutes of ice time in most games). The question that I think management and the coaching staff should be asking each other is “Do we let him grind it out with the big club or do we send him down to Rochester and let him work on his game there?

Personally, I think it would be best to send Adam down to Rochester for the time being. It would be one thing if he wasn’t producing, but still doing a lot of the little things right, but that hasn’t been the case. His backchecking has been terrible, he’s looked like he’s lost a gear, and frankly, he looks lost out there, especially in his own end of the ice. Let him go down to Rochester to play as a center, get more minutes, and work on his all-around game. Besides, it might be better for his development to just get away from this toxic situation the Sabres are currently in.

As far as who the player should be to replace Adam’s spot in the lineup, I would be content with just having Szczechura come up for now. He’s looked pretty decent in his games with the Sabres, adds some speed to their lineup, something that is in short supply on the roster, and more importantly, he’s a center.





For the record, I’m pretty confident in Luke Adam becoming a good goal-scorer in this league. I really like his shot and release and he’s got a great nose for the puck in scoring areas. I just think him being up here isn’t the necessarily the best thing for his development at the moment.